What is the role of a product developer in fashion? An interview with Jenny Bourne.

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This weeks interview was with Jenny Bourne a London based senior womenswear designer. Jenny’s career has spanned over 10+ years and she has worked with huge names including Zara, ASOS, New Look and most recently Lost Ink a London based start-up brand.

This interview focuses on what is the role of a product developer/designer within a fashion brand.

The goal; to help start-ups to understand the step by step process they should be following when developing their collection.

Jenny talks about the importance of the fit process and what to look out for, as well as, what makes a best-seller.

She believes that sustainability matters and start-ups really do have a lot of possibilities to hand now via different fabrication and processes.

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In our 6-step course, we will teach you how to source along with numerous other skills. 

Will teach you how to realise your plan and produce a collection. You will learn how to design, source, cost, make, package and ship your collection! Most importantly how to produce a collection that you can afford; how to cost and negotiate are critical lessons for all fashion brands. The goal of this step of the course is you will have the tools and recommendations to produce your collection!

Step by step this is what you will learn:

Topic 1 = Start designing your collection.
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Topic 6 = How to ship your collection.
Topic 7 = Add costs to your business plan.

Jenny Bourne

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