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Our Goals
We are focused on exposing fashion brands & entrepreneurs to global growth. We want to represent individuals that we believe in. Where you and your product offer a point of difference and where there is a gap in the market for it.

We are passionate about larger topics like sustainability, as these are only going to grow in importance as more of us become conscious to our effects on the world.

We value; Authenticity, Trust, Ambition and Open-minds.

Let's work together to launch and grow your fashion vision.

Our Founder’s Passion

Hi, I’m Carley!

“Upon moving to Australia in Jan 2017, I soon realised the differences in technology progressions between the UK and Europe to Australia.

The internet connection, speed of parcel delivery, delivery options; 3 days being a fast service, but mainly the lack of confidence in consumers using the internet for their shopping. Over the last 3 years, I have seen this mindset change whilst working with Forever New and the switch to ecomm shopping across the country. This change is only in its infancy. We want to jump on this organic opportunity not only in Australia but in digitally developing countries and help fashion entrepreneurs and brands to launch into eCommerce. I have experienced what can be done in this industry by living and working in the UK during the 2013 – 2016 boom of 3rd party eCommerce, and I thrive from sharing this knowledge with clients!”

Unzipped owner - carley Johnson

Career Highlights

  • Setting up and growing a wholesale department for Forever New. Launching 10+ accounts, year 1 sales growth +330%
  • The key account manager of Zalando for New Look, trading an account worth £40M.
  • Co-responsible for launching wholesale for New Look back in 2013. Across 4 years we launched 30+ wholesale accounts and grew the division to being 1 of 3 key company growth pillars.
  • I have worked with some of the leading high street retailers; NEXT, Tesco, Arcadia Group, New Look and Forever New.
  • I have built direct relationships with 30+ wholesale platforms around the world. 
  • My career started as a textile designer, working for DVF, including working at New York Fashion Week in 2010.
  • Lastly, launching my own fashion business in 2019. 

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Featured in
“I worked closely with Carley and always found her a pleasure to deal with, always looking at the glass half full. She approached every situation with a can-do attitude. She was resourceful and had the ability to keep the ball rolling, even when faced with challenges. The end goal remained at the forefront of her mind, and she delivered success in many different areas. I would love the opportunity to work with her again.”
— Mark.

Our Mission & Methods

Our mission is to help fashion brands & entrepreneurs launch & grow. Simple. What’s more complex is how to make this happen. Each individual has its own goals and targets, therefore 1 package doesn’t fit all.

That’s why we have 3 different services we offer, suiting both fashion brands and individuals:

> brand growth services
> coaching
> fashion courses

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