Why I started a fashion blog before launching my label - An interview with Modestly.

Welcome to Unzipped interview series with Modestly by Iysi Soriah. In this interview series, we are speaking to fashion startups who are all at different stages of their journey, all from very different backgrounds.

Iysi Soriah is at the very beginning of her fashion brands journey. Roughly 1 year ago she found her calling in which to create modest fashion, this inspiration came from a pain point growing up where she was mocked for what she wore.

Modestly is an inspirational fashion blog, soon to launch a clothing line. Modestly concept is to inspire others to dress as they want and to be comfortable in their 2nd skin.

From day 1 to year 1, learn from the mistakes Iysi made so that you don’t have too.

Iysi is still at the very beginning of her journey, currently building a community through her blog. Therefore for those who are also just starting out, this story is truly inspirational!

Visit Modestly blog: http://modestlyy.com/modestly/

Be sure to connect on IG: https://www.instagram.com/iysi.soriah/

Modestly clothing line coming soon!

Are you considering starting a fashion blog?

Starting a fashion blog is a fantastic 1st step to launching a fashion brand. 


Through creating a blog you are already building an engaged audience, therefore when you launch your fashion brand you will already have customers. A blog enables you to share more than just clothing and accessories, it will enable you to educate others, talk to others and share ideas. Blogs are a fantastic source of inspiration!

A blog is a great starting point, but then what are the next steps?

Don’t worry we’ve got this part covered! We know what it takes to launch a fashion business, as we have helped numerous brands to launch and grow around the world! That’s why we have built our 6-step course on How to Launch a Fashion Brand Online.

For more info view the course page

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