How To Start A Clothing Line - The Ultimate Guide

This ultimate guide will walk you through 6 comprehensive steps to launch a clothing line. With checklists and top tips for you to act on immediately.

Struggling to know where to start? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Once you have read this guide you will have the confidence to action your 1st clothing line and launch your fashion brand online.


Step 1: How to find your niche in the market and stand out ahead of competitors.

  • You don’t just want to be another clothing brand selling uninspiring apparel. You need to offer a point of difference. This step will teach you how to find a profitable product.


Step 2: What an e-commerce collection should look like; covering options framework, sustainability, and timings.

  • You should never simply jump straight into designing your collection. A considered collection delivered in the right market, at the right time and at the right price is what you should be striving for with every new collection launch. Let us teach you the winning formula in this ultimate guide.


How To Start A Clothing Line - The Ultimate Guide

    Step 3: Where to get started when producing your 1st collection covering, design make and ship.

    • Success at this stage really is in the research, the details, and prototypes/checks. This guide will help you to build a product framework to take straight to a manufacturer to gain a quote.


    Step 4: How to set up a fashion business and forecast your 1st year of sales.

    • Learn operationally how to progress your hobby into a professional profitable business using the tips outlined in this guide. This step will also break down step by step on how to build a 1st-year sales forecast for your fashion line.


    Step 5: How to build and launch your fashion brand covering; branding, sales channel setup and pre-launch marketing strategies.

    • Learn how to launch and make sales from day 1 by reading this step. It is packed with 3 checklists, 2 proven top tips to help you to digitalise your product on the right sales channel and market your product upon launch.


    Step 6: You’ve launched! … Now what do you do.

    • Never stop! Keep going refining and improving your product and service offers. In this step, you will gain 3 growth tactics to implement upon launch.

    Meet the expert

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    Carley Johnson
    “Over my 10+ years working specifically in fashion eCommerce, I have managed multi-million dollar account in both the UK and Australia. I have successfully launched 30+ fashion wholesale accounts, growing them from $0 – $M+ revenue accounts.
    Now I can’t wait to help you by sharing this ultimate guide. Its goal and outcome is to empower you with the knowledge and action list in which to start your 1st fashion line and realise your business dream.”