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ROI marketing
28 Jul: Return on investment (ROI) fashion marketing explained

What’s the objective you’re trying to achieve from marketing?

You should always be aiming for profitable growth. If you just focus on revenue, you can easily lose sight of your profit margins and drive your brand into bankruptcy.

Read on to learn how to measure success …

Fashion Insights
21 Jul: Sales Growth – How to gain new customers

Sound familiar?

“I’ve exhausted all ideas on how to gain new customers and even the ones I have aren’t really buying my products?!”

Then read on to gain insight into how to discover your audience mood as well as how to increase your fashion sales.

Fashion insights - demand forecasting
20 Jul: Demand Forecasting Fashion Sales

Do you wish you had the formula to produce to demand? Do you dream of running a lean business model with minimal waste? Then this short tutorial is for you! Learn how to demand forecast your fashion sales following this 12-point checklist.

How to launch & sell a product online
07 Jul: How to Launch & Sell

Sales don’t just happen, sales come from being prepared. Creating a solid launch plan is actually a sales strategy because an on-time well thought out launch will ensure you launch with an engaged audience and a seamless customer journey, making that sale just way too easy!

Grab a copy of our How To Launch & Sell checklist now!

Fashion Insights - how to understand costings
08 Jun: Garment Costing: How to know you’ve got a fair price

As a fashion start-up, you need to be able to translate a garment costing sheet, to understand if you’re getting a fair price for your product.

In this short vlog, I will break down a costing sheet, teaching you exactly what you need to look out for, along with teaching you how to know if you’re getting a fair price by showing you how to calculate your landed margin.

How to create a competitive & profitable pricing strategy
07 Jun: How to create a competitive & profitable pricing strategy

You need to make sure your products are accurately priced for their worth, to their perceived value as well as to your profit needs.

In this vlog, I will walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure you are not only profitable via your pricing strategy but also competitive therefore appealing to your customer base globally.