How I started my fashion brand - An interview series with Class of 84.

Welcome to Unzipped interview series with Class of 84, who is first in a series of interviews where we are speaking to fashion startups who are all at different stages of their journey, all from very different backgrounds.

We hope that Class of 84 story inspires you that it is possible to launch your own fashion brand as Hayley’s background was TV and advertising, not fashion, and prior to Class of 84 she had never designed anything in her life!

Now she is the lead designer of Class of 84 creating matching sustainable swimwear for the whole family.



Feeling inspired?

Are you similar to Hayley? Have you tried and find a product in the market but it was missing? Have you discovered a gap in the market but don’t know what the next steps are?

Don’t worry we’ve got this part covered! We know what it takes to launch a fashion business, as we have helped numerous brands to launch and grow around the world! That’s why we have built our 6-step course on How to Launch a Fashion Brand Online.

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Brunch shorts by class of 84

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