Financial planning for fashion startups explained. An interview with Justin Gauci.

Welcome to Unzipped Fashion Experts Interview Series!

This weeks interview was with Justin Gauci the founder and lead consultant at Blue Horizon Consulting specialising in business analysis.

Blue Horizon Consulting services compromise of business planning and financial planning that can both be tailored to suit any brands’ needs, that being full-service or part-service model.

Their motto is; we want to help business owners FREE UP THEIR TIME & MAKE MORE MONEY.

Justin has worked in finance for over 10+ years, working for big names like Forever New and Grill’d in the Australian market. This interview focuses on giving advice to startups in the fashion industry.

Justin talks through the planning process starting with your starting point metrics. He then talks through key lessons like; how and when to set your sales plan, how to manage your cash flow, how to read your performance and most importantly he talks about realism vs ambition went setting your plan.

Once you have watched this interview you will have the confidence to see financial planning not as an overwhelming task, but as a simple step by step process that you are able to complete!

Are you now feeling more confident after watching this free masterclass?

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Iysi said:
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I must confess Carley the course is very detailed and isn’t something that can be rushed and I love that! The course has made me realise there are a lot of areas I need to research on for my company to remain relevant.

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