Marketing strategies for fashion startups. An interview with Jesse Mullins.

Welcome to Unzipped Fashion Experts Interview Series!

This weeks interview was with Jesse Mullins, founder and director of Ooze Studios a digital marketing agency with the tagline ‘helping you win’.

Ooze studios services range from website design and build, branding, through to ROI focused marketing. Everything they do is in-house which is extremely unique in today’s market. The team is built up of 10+ experts in their field all contributing to the amazing work they produce.

Their passion is data and as a team, they refer to themselves as data scientists. This passion and vision are seen throughout the interview with Jesse.

Jesse talks in detail about 2020’s most successful marketing methods and how you can effectively use these when building your launch campaign.

He talks through the 3 stage marketing funnel that all brands should be following; lead acquisition all the way through to up-sell. Watch the interview to learn more!

Jesse is not only the director of Ooze Studios but is also a serial entrepreneur investing and working with a broad range of start-ups. In this interview, Jesse also shares key success tips for those just starting out.

Breaking news!

For those lucky enough to be reading this blog post, I can share some *exclusive* breaking news with you …

Jesse has kindly chosen to be a guest course contributor for our 6-Steps to launch a fashion brand online course!

In the course he covers:

  • How to build a brand (naming, logo, brand tone of voice etc)
  • Pre-launch marketing lessons, covering social media, email marketing and FB ads.
  • Upon launch, Jesse then covers how to grow using ROI focused marketing methods. 

Listed above are only the major lessons that Jesse will teach! There is so much more that is covered in our 6-step course! Together we will make you a global success; invest in our course content and launch your fashion brand with impact. We are the experts, so come and learn from our experiences. Stopping guessing and start learning! 

Here are just some of the major client’s Ooze Studios has worked with:

  • AIA
  • Transparency International
  • Bare Ince
  • Data Agility
  • Power club
  • The Healthy Gut

Now he is ready to make you a global success via our 6-step course!

Jesse mullins
Ooze studios

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