5 advantages of using 3D modelling in fashion.

Ofform3D is the first digital fashion studio in the Czech Republic-based in Prague.

Our mission is to bring more awareness to how the garment industry can benefit by going digital and using 3D modelling.

The technology we use is beneficial in many aspects. Starting from the elimination of overproduction during the development to an accurate tool that helps to communicate the fit of the garment to the final user. In the end, there is no need to produce pieces that once would potentially end up in a dumpster. We believe that going digital can help to reform the fashion industry and bring more responsibility and sustainability to it.


Advantage 1 - Time efficiency.

Ofform3D collaborates with clothing companies to make the product development more time-efficient by digitizing the garment.

The process of garment digitization reduces the time spent on the development of a physical garment.

A sampling of a product can take from weeks to months as it is important to make a huge amount of prototypes to get the desired fit. With 3D technologies, all the sampling can happen on a digital basis. Flat pattern is quickly transferred in 3D and the pattern alterations are done in the digital environment. In the end, there is no need to go for many physical prototypes to assure that the fit of the garment is accurate according to the customer requirements.

Thanks to the 3D visualizations the product can be launched in a significantly shorter period. And finally, the amount of sampling fabric for the physical product is eliminated too so clothing digitization significantly reduces the expenses.

Advantage 2 - Reducing waste.

There are clothing categories where the sampling part can be completely done in 3D.

On the other hand, categories such as lingerie require several good prototypes to make sure that the fit feels good as lingerie is the piece of clothing closest to our body. However, the 3D simulation can at least eliminate a certain number of samples so the time and money efficiency can be achieved even in this case.

Advantage 3 - Realism via simulation.

Another advantage that digitisation brings is the exactness of tech packs that are later sent to the manufacturing factories.

These tech packs include pictures with realistically looking clothing and therefore, the factories that are manufacturing the prototypes or the final product based on such a tech pack can understand easily all its details without the need for a more detailed explanation.

"We believe that going digital can help to reform the fashion industry and bring more responsibility and sustainability to it."


Advantage 4 - Scalability.

Our studio is also offering workshops about digital fashion and the benefits of its use on a larger scale.

We believe that the more companies and individuals change to 3D the less unnecessary overproduction and consumption caused by the fashion industry are created.

Advantage 5 - Multifunctional end use.

All the advantages that have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs are good proof that 3D helps the sampling part a lot in its time efficiency and accuracy.

And that leads to another large chapter, where the use of 3D fashion is beneficial – marketing and research purposes. That can be demonstrated on a simple example – a clothing brand launching several large collections a year struggle with sales by launching products that are not targeting enough customers.

They need to ensure the income from those collections by selling products with high demand.

If the company doubts its actual aesthetic and marketing direction, the products can be drafted virtually and later presented to the market in its digital form. This means that all the expenses used for garment development can be saved for the later stage when the brand has a clear signal of which of the proposed designs would target the customers and start to fabricate those.

In the end, the design is made for people to use and 3D is a very strong visual language that connects the audience with creators.

All the 3D clothing outcomes can very exactly simulate certain features of each digitized garment.

To understand better, what the 3D presentation can look like, these are categories of visuals that 3D can cover:

  • Since the 3D environment can be changed according to the client’s desires, many fashion brands go for digital campaigns as a new and exciting way how to promote their products.
  • 3D pictures of clothing – simple and clean way to visually communicate the shape, fit and final look of the garment. It can also depict all the details such as stitching or trimmings.
  • 360° turnable video – a great tool for promoting purposes. This type of video can be used in online stores as a clear visual description of a product where potential customers can have an exact overview of what kind of product he or she is about to buy.
  • Finally, a video of a garment in a movement can beautifully outline the contrast between features of different fabrics. For example, a lightweight TENCEL blouse will have a very smooth and flowy touch whereas the cotton twill jacket on top of the blouse will highlight the stiffness of such a fabric.

Since the 3D environment can be changed according to the client’s desires, many fashion brands go for digital campaigns as a new and exciting way how to promote their products.

A final advantage of 3D modelling.

There are many more benefits that garment digitizing brings. And all of them are all well connected.

For example, these 3D files can travel virtually instead of sending physical products to the other side of the world. Which reduces the carbon footprint, that would be caused by shipping a physical product.

Final word.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that our studio follows the idea that the beauty of fashion lies in the craft. We do not support the idea that 3D completely eradicates the craft. We just believe that 3D fashion is a strong tool to simplify certain manufacturing processes and to fix all the unethical and un-ecological issues, that the fashion industry has gone through in past and that persist today.

For more information about Ofform3D visit: https://www.ofform3d.com/

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