Slide Sales Crisis Management for Fashion Brands. We will help you identify and secure your next urgent source of revenue. We will access your current situation and tailor-design the right approach for your brand to recover and stabilise in this trying market. We are the sales strategy experts for a reason!

Outcomes you can expect:
* A revised strategy to focus on the brands growth for the next 3 to 6 months.
* An immediate action plan to reduce costs and increase cash flow.
* Identify and action opportunities to sell current season dead stock.

There are 5 key methods, all of which will help recover earnings for your brand, detailed below.

Bringing New Value.

In times of a crisis, you need to look at how your brand can bring new value to the market and to your customers.

We will strip your current product and brand offer back to basics and look at the optimal way in which to sell it. Your current value offer will potentially not be relevant now. You need to speak to your consumer’s needs, not alienate.

Planning ahead.

Let us ensure your brand is ready to go, as soon as the markets reopen and the buyers buy again.

The aim of the game is to de-risk and create market-specific, tailor-made ranges to wow the buyers back into stocking your brand again. We have the tested process in doing exactly that!

We will look at all sales channel opportunities for your brand. Within a crisis comes innovative thinking!

Inventory Sales Management.

Let us get creative with your current season stock!

Don’t let your stock just sit there. With the correct strategy and vendor connections, this season’s stock can be your game changer.

By seeking a new sales channel through a willing B2B vendor or re-purposing it into new collections, we will find a home for it.

Generating Revenue Ideas.

We will identify new and different ways for your brand to generate revenue.

During a crisis, consumers’ shopping habits change; they have more free time, they invest more time with friends and family, and take to learning something new. These new consumer habits present new revenue channels for your brand.

Looking after the bottom line.

With 8+ years of experience managing multi-million dollar (AUD) revenue accounts, we know how to manage the cash flow of a fashion brand.

We will review and challenge all costs within your operation with the sole purpose of generating a positive cash flow. We will propose achievable actions on how to run a leaner business.

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