Have you wondered why Zara is killing it even during the pandemic?

My sales strategy experience with big eCommerce players has been helping small and medium-sized fashion brands grow globally both quickly and effectively.

In 30 minutes I can show you 4 key actions you can do right now to improve your customer’s lifetime value to your brand.


Does this apply to your brand? 

  • Are you looking to adapt your sales strategy? 
  • Do you need new ideas to improve your CX? 
  • Are you looking to improve your operations? Both last mile and supply chain.
  • Are you considering new sales routes? For example drop-shipping. 

Zalando, like Zara, is also killing it. From our close working relationship with Zalando we have seen their steps to success, let us share these insights with your brand. 

By answering yes to the above questions, you are already considering the steps you need to take to build trust with your consumers, now let Unzipped cover the detail and help you to implement change.

Trust really is the most effective method in improving CX, especially as DTC sales continue to grow.

Talk to Unzipped and in 30-minutes we will suggest new methods for you to improve your CX, strengthen your reputation and increase your brand awareness. 


Claim your 30-Minute free consultation (RRP $395) before it’s no longer free.

    Why should you take this free 30-minute consultation?

    If you’re serious about increasing your brands’ sales then let us help. Through our connections service, we are well connected to global eCommerce platforms, therefore, we have a wide view of whats going on in the industry, who’s succeeding and how they are doing it. 

    We will bring a 3rd person perspective to your current operation and suggest ways to improve sharing our tools and experience built up over 8+ years in fashion eCommerce working with both large and small brand names. 

    The future of retail is eCommerce, so speak to us and we will help shape your brand’s future to be a success.


    Brand’s we’ve helped to succeed and strive in eCommerce.


    Who will you be talking to?

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    Carley Johnson
    Fashion wholesale & brand launch expert
    “I am passionate about detail and data. Now more than ever we need to tap into consumer mindsets and react as fashion businesses. The industry is fast evolving and I always ensure I keep up to date, in which to deliver the best advice to my clients.”