Has your fashion brand moved into thrive mode with new and updated sales strategies?

We will help you identify and secure your next urgent sources of revenue in our free consultation. Take away action points to implement straight away.

Claim your 30-Minute free consultation (RRP $395) before it’s no longer free.

We will help you look at the current climate as an opportunity, not a threat. We want to help fashion brands thrive in this environment so we’re offering this consultation for free.

On the call, we will discuss:

+ What are the big ecom platforms looking for next from brands and how you can get ready for it

+ What are the best sales channels to use currently and planning for a post pandemic market

+ The change in consumer shopping habits, and how you can reposition your offer for maximum impact on your cashflow

+ Discuss SOH (Stock-on-hand) solutions, and the best step forward for your brand.

    Why should you take this free 30-minute consultation?

    The big e-com platforms, like ASOS and Zalando, will be looking for new brands this July for the Spring/Summer 2021 season.  We have personal connections with staff at most of the major platforms and help Australian brands connect to them.

    Unzipped will also bring a 3rd person perspective to your sales strategy. Sharing our tools and experience, which are focused around sales and growth.

    This 30-minute call could change your growth trajectory forever.

    “I had a consultation with Carley from Unzipped and it was incredibly valuable. Carley is a knowledgeable, strategic thinker and is an expert in her field.

    She offered valuable insights into the current fashion/e-commerce market and how to suitably align my brand messaging.

    I’ll be booking in for another consultation in a few months when I’m ready to begin scaling! Thank you!”

    — Kahlia G

    Who will you be talking to?

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    Carley Johnson
    Director of Brand Growth, Unzipped
    “I have managed accounts & helped fashion brands through challenging times over the last decade. I have learnt how to turn cashflow negatives into positives for brands of all sizes. Ecommerce is my expertise and I will use this channel along with industry skills to help your brand through this crisis.”