Want to launch a clothing line but don’t know where to start? Start this course and learn strategies successful brands use to break into the fashion industry.

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What you'll learn from this 6-module course:

– How to develop a strong fashion brand – even if you don’t have an idea set in stone right now.

– How to eliminate financial uncertainties and give your brand the best opportunities to grow profitably.

– What you should never do when marketing your brand before an online launch. I’ll give you a foolproof checklist to help you plan for success.

– Where to find your ideal customers. I will also show you how your products can fill the gaps in the market.

– Say goodbye to guessing your pricing strategy. Learn how to effectively set your brand’s pricing.

– How to generate quality business leads while positioning your line as a global brand in no time.

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> 6 Modules.
> Hours of video traianing. 
> 4 workbooks to action what you learn.
> 4 essential checklists to help you launch your fashion brand.
> Teacher Q&A 24:7. 
> Lifetime access to the course content.
> A total of 3 months, hr per month, free coaching with Unzipped Fashion Connections.  

“Unzipped Fashion Courses taught me everything I needed to grow my fashion brand, which has launched and is selling successfully. I’ve also been able to apply my new skills to my position at Tony Bianco. Highly recommend the courses.”



Course Curriculum.

This is an introductory module, to either verify the brand you may already have or to move you from idea, to brand concept. This module will walk you through initial questions that you need to be able to answer as a fashion brand launching on eComm. The purpose of this module is to push you to start thinking about all broad topics before we dive into greater detail in the following modules. This module will ensure you are ready to move onto modules 2-6.

This is such a super, in-depth module! The tools I will teach you within this module you will revisit and use throughout the life of your brand. This module is all about ensuring that you have a unique product, to ensure that your product has the best possible opportunity to sell upon launch. To do this, I will teach you how to read the market, and how to see opportunities. A secondary part of this module, I will present to you opportunities within the eCommerce market. This module is going to enable you to build your brand’s strategy, ensuring that you have a focused plan and goal for your brand’s launch and overall success.

Now you have verified your product, and have a clear brand strategy, this module moves you into the next step – getting your product ready before launch. I will teach you essential components you must consider when planning your range, to ensure it is right for your customer and market. Then, you will learn all the factors you must follow to sell a compliant brand in today’s eCommerce market, this will cover country-specific laws, and compliance in both product and packaging. In the final part of this module, I will share with you how you can be a sustainable brand and what this will mean for your brand.

This is a really exciting module and a favourite of mine! I will teach you how to grow your brand. Simple. I have worked with numerous brands over the last decade in eCommerce and I have taught them successfully how to launch and then how to grow. I will share all of these industry tips with you! This will cover; networking, growing your workforce and how to launch your brand into 3rd party eCommerce. A large focus of this module will be marketing in all senses, I will teach you the power of communication for your brand’s growth, specifically social media. I will give you so many tips on how to deliver a successful social media campaign. The result of this module is to give you the skills and knowledge to then grow your brand past its current start-up phase, into being an established brand.

In this module, I will teach you how to effectively project management. There is no point in learning everything module 1-4 if you can’t deliver them, but specifically, if you can’t deliver an on-time launch for your brand. This module will teach you industry methods to effectively project manage your brand. A second topic within this module is buying calendars, but looking at these from a global mindset. I will share with you all the country traits I have learned, to inform your brand in delivering the right product, in the right market at the right time.

The final module is all about money! To be a successful brand, you need to know who to manage your cash flow. This module will not only teach you methods in which to read a financial P&L (profit and loss) but also I will share with you tips in which to manage your cash flow, to ensure you are aware as a brand owner the amount of investment needed until your brand becomes cash flow positive. This is an essential module for any business owner.

Carley Johnson

Join Your Host

Managing Director of Unzipped and Growth Expert, Carley Johnson


I have grown many fashion brands through the 3rd party ecommerce space over the last decade. Turning small e-com accounts into multi-million dollar revenue budgets. Creating strategies and connections with a spectrum of platforms such as ASOS, Zalando, and Nordstrom.

My expertise is Fashion Strategy. I know how to succeed by growing your fashion brand in today’s global market.


We have helped numerous brands launch their fashion brand online. The numbers speak for themselves.

Over a Million

Garments Sold


Ecomm Platforms


Countries Reached


Years of Experience

FAQ - Is this course right for me?

Yes. This course works for both people with or without an idea. This course will teach you how to find gaps in the market, therefore presenting ideas to you. It would also verify your idea if you did have one. This course is designed to teach 6 individual lessons on how to launch your fashion brand once you are ready. Each student can be at different phases of their brand journey. Either way, the same teachings apply to all. 

Yes. Module 1 & 2 will specifically teach you how to do that. Across the complete course, the goal is to validate your idea, teach you the importance of building your brand and get it ready to launch online.

No. It is not a requirement of this course. I would encourage each student to have knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry. Either through their current job, work experience or previous study. This will help you along the way. If you have zero knowledge about fashion but have a good idea I would encourage you to take this course and use Unzipped Consultant services along the journey to cement your learning. 

If you are taking this course, you are showing signs of being an entrepreneur. Therefore you have an idea, therefore you are creative! This course is not going to teach you how to sketch designs or pattern cut. It will teach you how to take your creative idea and apply it to the business principles involved in launching your fashion brand online. 

Each module will teach you lessons, of which you will need to apply to your brand, pre or post launch. It is not a step by step on how to launch your fashion brand, though it will take you on a journey. This course is more in-depth than just a step by step guide. We will push you to really think about your brand’s strategy to ensure the most successful launch.

Don’t worry, though! One of the checklists provided to you does cover the essential tasks you need to complete ahead of launch!

No, this is not the main aim of this course. However the principles you will learn across all 6 modules will still enable you to build a successful brand to launch with. The course will not teach you how to plan the SQ/FT of a store. It will teach you how to plan for an ecomm market.

Yes. Module 6 will specifically teach you how to manage both profit and loss for your brand by showing you how to build and manage your cash flow tracker. Across the whole course, you will be given tips on how to create a desirable, sellable product and also how to deliver on time. These are key lessons that, if followed, will deliver profit to your brand. 


As your teacher, I will share with you lessons I’ve learned in the fashion industry that have come from both failures and successes. I have worked with numerous fashion brands over the last decade, with the main goal being to launch their fashion brand online. If I have successfully done this for others, I can teach you how to do it for yourself.


The course is largely based around strategy and decision making, which will help form your business plan. To top this off, you will also be given and shown how to complete a P&L for your brand. This, too, forms a business plan. The one thing that won’t be given to you is the template. You can google this!


Yes. Module 3 will teach you about the meaning of sustainability in the fashion world, but more specifically about what you need to do as a fashion brand to sustainably launch online. Simplified for you!


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