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"We can offer a tailored approach for your brand, offering face to face coaching, virtual coaching or day workshops that may span across a 6 month project plan."

Don’t have the time or workforce to self-implement? Don’t worry! We also have a full service offer. This is open for customisation to best suit your brand’s needs.


We will advise your brand on all or a selection of the below services, by means of email and/or phone communication.

Video conference at weekly or monthly touch points as defined in the project scope. It will be our responsibility to guide you into the wholesale market.


Project Management

Upon agreeing the deliverables we will be responsible for mapping and delivering all project milestones.

Communicating with both internal and external customers keeping the brand informed at all times, taking a lead to deliver the project. All are dependant on project scope agreed.


Upon agreeing which services are needed for your brand, we will define the right workshop for your brand.

That being on-site, off-site or via video conference, 1-max person workshops, junior, senior or inclusive. We will decide the right way to immerse your staff and brand into wholesale and the right way of working.


Full Service

Full service offer in-house: employ us on a full time or part time bases to setting your brand up to sell and succeed within 6 months from business introduction to go/live (pending on your product production lead time). The full service offer will cover all of the above services, using all delivery methods

Service Examples We Can Apply to Your Brand

The ‘how to’ wholesale advice and coaching service offer!


  • 3rd party ecommerce product compliance by country
  • 3PE shipping compliance: GTINs, labels, polybags, cartons
  • Legal: Helping you to find a legal team or consultant for your brand to cover: trademarks, contracts, breach of responsibilities


  • 3PE logistics: shipping routes, lead times, 3PL


  • Product range selection & proposal – best sellers, collection story, SKU count, RRP, culture and climate
  • Critical path management


  • Global pricing strategy
  • Negotiation – gaining the right commercal terms to suit your brand and business
  • Finance: P&L, invoice tracking, debt collection


  • Marketing – in-house or outsourced. Defining the global approach for your brand

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