Fashion ScaleUP!

The only Fashion Marketing & Sales Growth Course you’ll ever need

A self-paced DIY course + coaching for brands that want to scale their growth no matter what stage you’re at.

Are you riding the wave of fashion success?

Does this sound like you? …

“I know I have an amazing product. Even my customers have told me so! But it’s not selling like I want it to”

“I’m spending too much money and time on marketing my brand and not getting enough sales. What am I doing wrong?!”

You would be surprised at how often I hear this, they are more common than you think. I’m helping a lot of brands to solve these issues but there’s only 1 of me. Hence why I created this solution.

I have a question for you

…Let’s say you had $1,000 to spend on marketing your brand.
Would you rather spend $1,000 on a marketing budget and see how it went. Learning from trial and error, and likely wasting a lot of the budget along the way.

Or would you rather invest $500 on a course that gave you the blueprints to grow your sales through marketing and sales strategies, templates, and real-world examples? Then spend the remaining $500 wisely on marketing and sales growth.

This course is going to teach you the importance of Return on Investment (ROI) focused marketing and sales growth.

Why me?

I’m a designer, a lecturer, and a fashion growth specialist.


  • Helped a lot of small brands increase their monthly revenue by +500%
  • Increase the yearly wholesale revenue for a large brand from $3m to $32m with the space of 12 months”
  • Lectured at global universities on fashion brand growth
  • Sold designs in Premiere Vision, Paris to DVF, DKNY, Philip Lim

I love teaching, and I love seeing the positive impact my teaching has on fashion brand owners and their brands.

Carley Johnson

Brands that I’ve helped to transform their sales globally:

Testimonial - brands I've helped

Fashion Entrepreneurship lecturer at

Fashion entrepreneurism lecturer

Sucess Stories

Annie Lee
Petite Femme

Annie Lee Testimonial

Alafiya Najmudeen

Alafiya Najmudeen Testimonial

Do you know who your next customer is going to be?

Can you tell me in detail who your current customer is? Can you use that detail to predict where and when your next customer is coming from? I hear this all the time:

  • “I’ve exhausted all ideas on how to gain new customers and even the ones I have aren’t really buying my products?!”
  • “I thought my customer was X, Y, Z, but actually a totally different audience is buying my product! What should I do?!”

This is the key growth trend of 2021

The importance of knowing who your customer is has been seen by leading brands Nike and ASOS, who continually upsell to their engaged community.

For example; Nike has created a community in their fitness app offering exercise plans plus health advice, which speaks directly to their audience. This enables them to gain product feedback as well as upsell all in one place.

Sales growth will come from knowing exactly who your audience is and building a community that offers a level of engagement and customer service beyond your competitors.

So get to know your audience inside out with this course!

Course justification
Course achievements

Become the master of ...

+ Creating ROI-focused ads across Facebook, Insta, and Google

+ 8 different marketing methods

+ Knowing exactly who your audience is

+ Creating sales strategies that convert

+ Nurturing your audience to purchase more frequently

+ Knowing what sales channels and markets are best for your product

+ Planning the best product launch possible

+ Achieving a high-sell thru rate and running a lean stock model

Introducing Fashion Scale-UP!

Fashion ScaleUP! Course

Gain the confidence, frameworks, and strategies to turn your low monthly sales into the thousands. Become a customer-focused, sales machine!

Are you ready to:

+ Get excited by our creative sales ideas and hear yourself saying “why didn’t I think of that?!”

+ Implement email sequences and see your AAV (Average Annual Value) per customer increase

+ Create super simple and effective ads to bring in new audiences

+ See the ROI of your marketing strategies increase

+ To learn what not to do to stop wasting money right now

Here's exactly what you will learn when you enroll on Fashion ScaleUp!

Like any good meal you need to prepare the food before you cook, the same goes with promoting and marketing your brand.

Sales and marketing fundamentals will set the foundations for successful sales growth. Covering; keyword research and knowing your product demand. This will ensure you have a product niche, as well as focus your marketing efforts on becoming the no.1 ranked for that trend.

+ Keyword research & knowing you have a niche
+ Effective pricing strategy
+ Website review and optimisation
+ Draw conclusion from your sales data

You may think you know who your audience is but do you? If you’ve launched and are struggling to sell your product this can suggest that you don’t know who they are as your messaging is off, your ads are targeting the wrong people and your product isn’t answering their desires.

The goal of this module is to reconnect you to exactly who they are to enable you to create effective ads that deliver good ROI whilst knowing what sales channels they prefer to use.

+ Audience mood research

The outcome of this module is to teach you how to focus your sales efforts by building a refined strategy that is targeting your audience; market and sales channels, where there is demand for your product.

Once you have completed this step you will feel a lot clearer about your sales strategy answering the who, where and why.

+ Market research
+ Sales channel strategy
+ Budget setting

The scattergun approach doesn’t work!

If you’re taking this course, it is no doubt because you’re struggling to gain results from your marketing efforts or you’re clueless about where to start.

This module will not only cover the theory of marketing but most importantly talk through how you’re going to measure success.

You want to increase sales, but also you should be striving to increase your profit too, and the major way you’re going to do this is if you know the metrics to measure this success.

+ Marketing theory
+ Explaining ROI and that you need to spend to acquire
+ Measuring metrics
+ Copywriting 101

Taught by marketing specialist Jesse Mullins, who successfully creates ads for major clients globally, managing a monthly ad budget of $50K+. Jesse knows what the most successful, ROI ad methods are and in this module, he will teach you how to generate creative sales funnels for your target audience and product niche.

+ Facebook and Insta ad strategy, implementation and optimisation
+ Google ad strategy
+ Email marketing strategy
+ Retention strategies

It is essential that you learn about all the marketing methods that are available to your fashion brand giving you the option to choose which ones are right for you when writing your sales and marketing strategy.

This module will walk you through 6 additional marketing methods, meaning in total that you will have learnt 9 marketing methods! Pretty impressive right!

+ Influencer/PR
+ Blog
+ Pinterest
+ Youtube
+ Affiliate marketing

You know who your audience is and what sales channel they prefer to shop on (module 2 & 3), now it’s time to refine your sales efforts and implement creative ways to convert that lead into a sale and nurture them into their next repeat purchase.

This module will talk through 10 creative ideas to increase conversion.

+ Push the boundaries
+ Build an omnichannel approach
+ Incentivise
+ Create value stacks / Power offer
+ Collaborations
+ Be present at trade shows and events
+ Gain ‘real-life stories’ testimonials
+ Create imagery that sells
+ Pivot to demand

Most brands achieve a sell-thru rate of 60-70% at full price – FACT! Therefore it is essential that you learn how to forecast the stock levels you will need for every new product launch.
You should never just be focusing on sell sell sell, you should also be focusing on how to generate sales from slow sellers and how to manage stock levels within your business.

+ Critical seasonal launch timings
+ When to run promotions
+ How to forecast demand and stock units
+ Stock management

So we’ve just taught you everything we know right? But I want to help you further by proof checking your sales strategy, giving any final pointers before implementation.

In a 30-minute consultation, upon completion of the course, I want you to present your sales growth strategy to me including what methods you will use and why, as well as explain your creative sales ideas.

The goal is that after this 30-minute call; you will have the complete confidence to implement your strategy and start seeing a positive ROI and sales growth.

But is it worth it?

Nuwan - AMOS Label

“She packs a plethora of knowledge in fashion, the business of fashion as well as relationship management with different platforms and wholesalers.”
— Nuwan, AMOS Label

Khalia - Thrift be with you

“She offered valuable insights into the current fashion/e-commerce market and how to suitably align my brand messaging.”
— Khalia, Thrift be with you

On the 30th August when the course goes live you will not only receive all 8 modules, BUT also all of this! ...

Course added extras

Marketing strategy and methods taught by Ooze Studios a digital marketing agency.

How to create ROI focused Facebook ads guide

A platform directory listing of 150 wholesale and marketplace sales channels

Wholesale terms exposed (covering ASOS, Zalando, NEXT, Iconic + more)

Sales expansion pitch deck template + real-life brand examples

Wholesale margin calculator to ensure profitability

Collection launch checklist and plan to ensure you’re never late!

+ 50 video tutorials, 1 downloadable course workbook, 15 worksheets and templates!

This course is for you ...

If you’re a startup that has just launched or you’re a brand that’s been around for a few years, either way, you have one common goal. That is to market & sell your brand generating more sales than present day.

You don’t have to have come from a sales or marketing background. All you need is a fashion brand (apparel, footwear, accessories, kidswear, beauty or lifestyle) and we will teach you how to connect, sell, build a community & ScaleUP!

Skip the middleman and learn from the experts with over 20+ years of combined experience and learn how to DIY increase your fashion sales.

This is the last cohort of 2021 - Starting 30th August 2021

Available now for AU$499 but not for long!

This is limited to the first 20 sign-ups and this offer will end on 8th August 2021 at 11 pm AEST, when it will go back to full price AU$1,500.

This course is only for brand owners that are serious about growing their brand. Are you serious about taking your brand to the next level? To secure the discounted price we ask that you pay a deposit of AU$50 now. Then pay the remainder of AU$449 before the course starts on the 30th of August. This will secure your seat in this last cohort of 2021.

The AU$50 deposit is 100% refundable if you decide to not take the course before 30th August 2021. Payment plans are also available upon request.


Fashion ScaleUP! Course
Founder Carley Johnson

Are you ready to scale your brand and be the next fashion success story?

Pay the AU$50 deposit before the 8th of August and you’ll also receive:

An additional 60-minute 1-on-1 consultation with me

Access to our Marketing & Sales closed Facebook group 

Full access to Bonus course Profit From Wholesale 

Full access to Bonus course How to Launch & Sell

Ready for a bonus or 2?

If you’ve made it to this point, you definitely deserve a bonus or 2!

Both bonuses are EXCLUSIVE to all early-bird sign-ups only and will not be available in this amazing value bundle for long … 

methodology and methods you will learn can be implemented immediately if you’ve launched, or added into your sales plan for when you do 

Profit From Wholesale Masterclass


Learn how to Profit From Wholesale after you gain FULL access to our online masterclass!

To complement the creative sales methods you will learn in this course, let me teach you how to master fashion wholesale.

After completing this 2hr masterclass, you will have the tools, methods and confidence to approach and sell into new wholesale accounts globally.

What you will learn:

  • An exact process to follow to acquire new accounts
  • An understanding of what platform and market is right for your brand
  • Confidence to reach out to huge global platforms
  • The method to build 1 on 1 relationship with wholesale buyers
  • A focused wholesale strategy to ensure you don’t go off track
  • An insight into what a good and bad wholesale deal looks like (2021)


How to Launch & Sell – a repeat formula for every new collection/product launch!

Have you launched collections before and you’ve either made ok sales on days 1 & 2 and then nothing? or you’ve launched a collection and only your friends and family bought it?

How to Launch & Sell will teach you the fundamental collection launch building blocks to ensure that every launch delivers consistent sales.

  • Product validation via demand research
  • How to plan a collection
  • Collection hype and product promotion
  • How to project manage your launch


Plus let’s not forget about BONUS#3 Consult with Carley!

That’s ​right you’re gaining access to 2 extra courses for this 1 amazing price of AU$499!

How to Launch & Sell Course

Happy brands!

Adam - Skwosh

“Carley is very knowledgeable about the industry and provided some solid insights and advice.”
— Adam, Skwosh

Hayley - Class of 84

“Carley Johnson Connections really helped me to take my business to the next level. Carley is extremely knowledgeable and well connected in the fashion industry.”
— Hayley, Class of 84

Hi, I’m Carley

… And I have helped major brands in the UK & Australia to launch and grow their 3rd party eCommerce business from minimal sales to 8 and 9 figure businesses, using methods I have learnt over my 10 years in fashion eCommerce.

I have worked with global brands like New Look, Miss Selfridge and Forever New, as well as microbrands like RAQ, Skwosh and Casa Amuk, helping them to ScaleUP!

Sales was always a strength of mine, for the days working as a retail assistant from the age of 15-21 working for major brands NEXT and Tesco, this set the fundamentals that I have evolved from that being always thinking of customers.

After 17 years working for major brands, I chose to take everything that I have learnt and share this with ambitious fashion brands (that’s you BTW), with the goal to make YOU a global sales success.

Fashion Entrepreneurship lecturer at

Fashion entrepreneurism lecturer

As featured in …

Got any questions? Here are our FAQs.

Yes, we believe you will if you learn all of the course content and implement what you learn. Because the goal of this course is to teach you how to market and sell your fashion brand!

You are going to learn so many different ways in which to generate sales covering:

  • 9 different marketing methods in which to convert your ads into sales
  • 10 creative ways in which to increase your sales conversion
  • Marketing theory, so you can know how to measure your marketing success and keep your ad spend inline. This is essential when you’re trying to increase sales and profit
  • How to produce to demand, reducing your ‘dead-stock’ seasonally
  • Knowing exactly who your audience is. Honestly, this is a lesson that you will keep repeating time and time again, as knowing who your audience is, is a factor as to whether your ads will convert or not, as well as if your product will sell or not. 

Are you an expert at Facebook, Instagram, Google, Influencer, SEO, Blogging, Pinterest, Youtube, Affiliate marketing?

No? Then take this course to master all 9 marketing methods, enabling you to decide which methods are right for your fashion brand, along with being shown how to maximise your efforts on these channels are create high performing ads.

This course was written in 2021, therefore we are only teaching you relevant 2021 sales and marketing methods.

Both teachers Carley & Jesse are active in the industry, working with a wide range of eCommerce clients, therefore are fully up to date with the trends of the market.

No. You could be making a few hundred or 10’s of thousands of dollars a week, it doesn’t matter. The most important factor is that you have a fashion brand that has launched and that you’re committed to increasing its sales growth by taking this course and implementing what you learn immediately.

The sales and marketing techniques you will learn can be implemented as aggressively as you’d like. By that, if you wish to invest heavily in marketing because you now understand ROI marketing, then you will see a more aggressive return on your sales.

Upon finishing this course it will be in your control to finalise your sales and marketing plan, and most importantly to deliver on it.

As you will have already launched your fashion brand, you will already have a small understanding of how to market and sell your product, but you won’t be the expert on everything and that’s ok!

If you haven’t used Facebook ads, that’s ok you soon will be an expert. Or if you’re an expert at Facebook ads, but need help mastering Google ads, this course will ensure you achieve that + so much more than just ads success!

All we ask is that you have a live website and or product that is ready to sell, and we will teach you EXACT how to market and sell, generating monthly sales for your brand.

Yes. It is applicable for any product-based business.

The majority of methods both sales and marketing will focus on eCommerce driven sales, not physical ie billboards or craft markets.

Your fashion brand could be selling apparel covering all categories within; menswear, womenswear, kidswear, unisex, teenswear or it could be non-apparel covering; footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery, lifestyle or homeware.

If you’re unsure if this course will be right for your product category then ask me. 

110% we will! The only way to make sense of the theory and or to prove how powerful a sales or marketing method is, is by taking through a case studies.

Both, Carley and Jesse, will call on real-life examples throughout the course. Showing you both good and bad examples of how to market and sell your fashion brand.

“I chose to launch Unzipped in 2019, after working in fast past major fashion brands for the past 9 years. I have excelled in my career mainly for being a successful wholesale account manager, managing overseas wholesale accounts with ASOS, Zalando, NEXT, Nordstrom, The Iconic, totally into $100M’s sale revenue annually. I have always been a proactive sales generator, taking struggling accounts/brands from failure to healthy monthly accounts.

My career has been multi-faceted covering textile design, fashion buying, business development and wholesale sales. As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to generate sales with a strong ROI, and also the importance of investing in my businesses growth. I am a huge fan of buying courses to develop my own progression, and that’s why I’m so excited to have created this course that shares not only EVERYTHING that I have learnt in my sales career of 18 years but also my partner Jesse Mullins that built Ooze Studios from scratch, a digital marketing agency that manages weekly marketing budgets in the 5 figures.”

To find out more about their achievements click here 

To learn more about your teacher Jesse Mullins click here 

Jesse has a maths degree and an accounting background therefore tackles marketing from a very analytical approach. He calls himself and his team data scientists and throughout the course will teach you to make data your best friend

You will gain full access to the course on 30th August 2021, once you have paid the balance payment of AU$499. (special offer only available till 8th Aug)

You will be invited to sign up to the course via Teachable and the final secure payment will be taken there, where you will then gain access to all course content, plus all bonus material.

You have until 8th August to secure:

  • Profit From Wholesale
  • How to Launch & Sell – A repeat formula 

2 additional courses, with over 4hrs of content, plus actional workbooks. 

All you need to do is to pay your $50 deposit now to ensure you don’t miss out on gaining the full course + ALL additional bonus content. After the 8th of August, the bonuses will be removed and the RRP will increase.

Don’t miss out!

Of course you can!

If you’re only interested in gaining access to the below 2 individual courses and not Fashion ScaleUp! that can be arranged.

Simply drop me an email expressing your interest in your course of course and I will advise next steps

  • Profit From Wholesale Course
  • How to Launch & Sell Course

Yes. All of the sales and marketing methods you will learn are applicable to the western world, that mainly being eCommerce methods. Therefore applicable for fashion brands globally, even those in the most remote pockets of the world!

To note, the universal language of the course is taught in English.

By asking for $50 proves to us how serious you are about increasing your brand’s sales growth. If you just had to register your email address, you’d willingly do this, however asking for a $50 deposit, makes you question your intentions more, therefore shows to us your seriousness.

Furthermore, this course has limited space therefore we only want to help brands that are eager to generate sales. So go on and secure your spot now as it’s the last enrolment of 2021.

If you’re still unsure about paying a deposit, then drop me an email with your concerns and I’ll be happy to help.

Unzipped online course T&C’s found here.

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