Slide . Wholesale Connections. * Are you wanting to launch in new markets, but don't know how?
* Are you wanting to generate new revenue streams both locally and overseas?
* Are you wanting to gain new audiences?
Then this service is for you!

Through 3rd party eCommerce, that being wholesale or marketplace. We will forge the gap between the unknown 3rd party eCommerce platform and your brand by setting up sales appointments and presenting as your agent.
Unzipped has an extensive list of leading industry contacts. These relationships, forged from 8+ years experience in the fashion wholesale market, will give you an introduction that you cannot find elsewhere or generate yourself. This makes Unzipped a powerful sales tool you need in your tool box!

How does the connections service work?
Before approaching a new market for your brand we strongly encourage you to invest in running a strategy report on that market and its competitors. Making decisions on the optimal mix of platforms to approach based on clear insights always yield a higher success rate. For more information click the button. Strategy Info!
Step 1 - Together we review your brand’s strategy.
Step 2 - We select the Territory and Platforms to approach.
Step 3 - We decide the operating model - Marketplace or Wholesale.
Step 4 - Unzipped will work extensively to find the right contact and convince them to view your range, setting up the first sales appointment with the chosen platform.
Step 5 - Unzipped will conduct all sales appointments either through a virtual showroom or an in-person meeting.

What Benefits Will This Bring Your Fashion Brand?

* Following the sales appointment, you will receive invaluable direct feedback from the platform buyers sharing an insight into their market and consumer habits.

* Dramatic increase in brand exposure. Selling your product through a platform’s sales channels (website, marketing, social media) will raise your brand awareness.

* Reaching new global audiences. Connecting with new customers outside of your current reach with the help of a reputable platform.

* Incremental sales for your brand. For example; ASOS & Nordstrom will have a different customer following in comparison to your own. Selling your product using their channel will add new sales for your brand.

key global platforms we have direct relationships with:

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