Brands at all stages of their life need sales growth.

Have your sales growth plans been affected by one of the following reasons?

* Only one sales channel in place
* Marketing strategies are not working
* Lack of audience understanding
* Lack of focus on customer experience
* No customer onboarding experience
* No repeat purchases (low average annual spend)
* Lack of brand awareness

We can help your brand smash 2021 out of the park.

We’ve been helping brands of all sizes grow their sales for over 10 years. By using an omnichannel approach we help our clients get the best impact from their target audience.

You can embed us into your team for strategy and implementation work, or be guided by our chief fashion strategist Carley Johnson. The service package is fully customisable by you in terms of hours per month required and scope of work.

Method 1 - Sales strategy.

A successful brand is reactional to both good and bad sales. Let Unzipped set up sales planning meetings to manage stock planning and pricing, such as mark-downs/promos for your brand.

We are connected to the industry leaders and trends to ensure your brands one step ahead. To define a successful sales strategy we must;

  • Design the right product for the right market and timing
  • Critical path management to ensure each collection is profitable and on-time 
  • Pricing strategy to ensure you have priced your product vs its market value and not a guesstimate
  • Seek new partnerships & ventures to increase your reach to new audiences, therefore, increase your revenue stream
  • Plus much more.

Examples of how this service is currently helping our clients:

  • As experts of the European eCommerce market, we proposed competitive pricing that also delivers our clients GM% in that region.
  • Bi-weekly we lead sales meetings with our clients, reviewing channel sales and proposing strategic changes with regards to pricing and events. Decisions are made balancing profitability vs striving for a high sell-thru rate.
  • We have successfully run black Friday events with our clients, proactively reacting to the market’s needs.

Method 2 - Customer experience.

Customer data is as valuable as diamonds! You need to treasure it and learn from it. We will help your brand to run email campaigns, surveys and suggest marketing improvements. With the end goal to drive engagement and sales for your brand.

A key metric we focus on is onboarding value; what is the average spend of your new customers within their first 90 days. Data shows this $ figure has a dramatic effect on their Annual Value per Customer (AVC).

We will teach you how to nurture a new customer and make them feel special whilst building brand affinity in their first 90 days.

Examples of how this service is currently helping our clients:

* We have helped brands set up their essential email sequences covering welcome series, purchase series including reviews and cart abandonment emails.
* We have trained clients to invest time in sending personalised product recommendation emails, to all 1st time and repeat buyers.
* We have helped brands to set up and define their community. Covering reward schemes, blogs and newsletter and community events all increasing engagement and trust with the brand.

Method 3 - Strategic partnerships.

  • Are you wanting to launch in new markets, but don’t know how?
  • Are you wanting to generate new revenue streams both locally and overseas?
  • Are you wanting to gain new audiences?

Through 3rd party eCommerce, wholesale or marketplace, we will connect your brand to global or local platforms. We will cover everything from the connections, 1st sales appointments, commercials and all comms. The goal is to launch your brand onto numerous new sales channels.

Key global platforms we have direct relationships with:

Sales channel partners at Unzipped

Examples of how this service is currently helping our clients:

  • We are helping multiple Aussie brands to expand their reach in the UK/EU; writing orders with ASOS, Zalando and About You.
  • Locally in Australia, we are strategically opening new marketplace accounts for brands to ensure their own website sales are protected.
  • We act as the sole distributor of a local Australian brand across the Middle East & SE Asia region.

Method 4 - Operational refinement.

To succeed online you need to be continually refining your operation, paying close attention to the industry leaders and implementing improvements continually.

Unzipped is partnered with industry experts like AFC & BOF ensuring we will keep you up to date with changes in relation to sustainability covering sourcing, manufacturing and supply, along with ethics and consumer demand data. Using this insight we will refine your operation covering UX, CX, supply and demand.

Examples of how this service is currently helping our clients:

* We report on key industry changes, but specifically how each brand can work to implement changes.
* We review our clients’ websites proposing UX amendments to ensure the highest functionality.
* Last year due to events we have worked closely with our clients improving their customer service, focusing on delivery and personalisation, implementing improvements through EDM, personal notes and transparent delivery.

Method 5 - Fashion brand setup success.

A lot of brands launch quickly and maybe overlook the fundamental building blocks of running a fashion business; critical path management, seasonal option plans and sales budgets. Even branding is often overlooked. Have you truly defined who you are? What’s your USP? And what are your brand values?

We will fix that and build a solid fashion business framework for you to operate in, ensuring your future success.

Examples of how this service is currently helping our clients:

  • Structurally we have implemented a buying calendar structure for a startup fashion brand, building their CP and milestones events to ensure they deliver the right product at the right time.
  • We have helped the creatives overcome business blocks like budgeting and building a sales plan, both are necessary for fashion brand success.
  • We have helped brand refocus on their brand’s vision, redefining who they are, ensuring they have a USP and a reason for customers to buy them.

So how does this service work?

A reminder that this service is fully customisable to suit your brand’s needs and budget. The more hours you booked per month the lower your base rate. Learn more about what growth could mean to your fashion brand and book a free consultation.

Benefits of working with Unzipped

  • 10+ years of direct experience in global fashion eCommerce.
  • Partnered with 30+ global 3rd party platforms ready to introduce your brand too.
  • Broad business skillset and strategic mindset ready to refine and gr your fashion brand.
  • A solid fashion channel negotiator.
  • Lower costs than hiring a permanent team member.

Case Studies

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