Don’t waste $10,000’s on a failed fashion brand launch.

Learn to find consumer trends and gather evidence to validate your brand idea before investing another dollar into your new business or collection.

Validate your idea now to ensure you’re profitable from launching.

Have you identified a niche market with growth potential where you have a competitive advantage?

If you haven’t you will struggle to be profitable within year 1. I do not want you to fail, that’s why I am giving you free instant access to step 1 of our 6 step hero course.


You might be wondering “Why do I need to do this? I’m pretty sure I have a great idea”

  • Market validation gives you the justification that your collection/product will actually sell. Verify there is demand in the market, so you’re not just relying on your point of view.
  • Gain powerful insights from competitors and trends to help the design process. Ensuring you create highly engaging collections for your audience.
  • Get to know your audience now! Don’t waste money on failed advertising and marketing campaigns because you thought you knew your audience.
  • Do you have frequent checks of your competitors’ pricing, along with keeping up to date with market trends? Pricing has an immediate reflection on your profit and is extremely important to your brands’ success.

Are you now feeling unsure about your great idea? Get instant access now. I can’t keep it free forever though, signup before it’s no longer free.

    So how does this work? What information will I get?

    This is your journey to validating your idea:

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    • Your brand/collection idea is validated, ready for a profitable launch!

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    Meet your brand launch expert!

    Founder Carley J
    Carley Johnson

    “Over my 8+ years working specifically in fashion eCommerce, I have seen brands’ launch and fail simply because they had a gut idea, but never took the time to research it and validate it with data.

    Trust me, I know what success looks like; I have managed multi-million dollar accounts in both the UK and Australia. I have successfully launched 30+ fashion wholesale accounts, growing them from $0 to $millions in annual revenue accounts.

    Find and validate your niche now and launch a profitable brand.”