Black lives matter in fashion.

We will continue to support the black lives matter campaign by continuing to use a broad spectrum of fashion imagery in our fashion courses, along with any marketing imagery. 

There is still a lot of work to be done in the industry before we see a real improvement. That is why together we need to be uniformed in our approach and continue to support this campaign for years to come in our own businesses.

Grace Bol.

Grace is one of my most admired models. Why? She is the most perfect blank canvas. Everything style, look she is given she owns it. Her look is so versatile which is emphasised by her shaven head. Her natural beauty is unreal, and when painted she comes alive and into character. 

She is simply stunning.

Naomi Cambell.

Ms Cambell became a fashion icon through being the first black model to hit the major runways and gain such admiration and following. 

She is proof that anyone can break boundaries and make a successful career from it. Even today in her 50’s she is still such a mega babe!

Diana Ross & The Supremes.

What a Motown legend! 

Diana Ross was not only a fashion Icon but a musical star. She had a top 10 UK hit in every one of the last five decades and sang lead on a top 75 hit single at least once every year from 1964 to 1996 in the UK, a period of 33 consecutive years and a record for any performer.

Grace Jones.

A cross-dressing inspiration. Her androgynous look inspired so many. 

An icon of her time covering music, acting and modelling. With stunningly unique and striking looks you’d recognise her photography anywhere. She is an inspiration to so many.

& Let’s not forget James Bond now!

"Black lives do and always will matter in fashion."


Winnie Harlow.

Perfect imperfections. 

Winnie has empowered those in fashion modelling that imperfections are allowed and that being unique can enable your career.

Beyonce & RiRi. Both awarded at CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

Both are icons of my generation for so many reasons. They are both an inspiration to woman, to entrepreneurs, they are real woman living their dream. 

In fashion, they are both extremely versatile in their looks. From red carpet glamour to performer, to street cool, either look they both always own it and look amazing.

90's hip hop street fashion.

LL Cool J, Jay Z, Snoop Dog, 2Pac, Dr.Dre, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Aaliyah, Destinys Child… The list goes on!

90’s hip hop scene really brought streetwear into main fashion. Adidas popper trousers, Kapper bucket hat, are just 2 of the iconic styles from that era. Sportwear has now seen a come back (late 2018-2019), with the sale of Fila and Champion.

Thank you, Hip Hop, not only for the music but your style!

Virgil Abloh.

Virgil is an icon of today and a true representation of the success of streetwear vs luxury and how the 2 worlds can collaborate. 

Virgil is part of the fashion movement making streetwear stylish, moving it away from its historic reliance on sportswear brands of the ’90s.

Willow & Jaden Smith.

The Smith family per se are all style icons as well as artistic in many ways. 

Will Smith started the families trend back in his time of being the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but now his kids shine the street-cool limelight brighter!

Both Willow and Jaden are icon’s of their generation and their fashion is one to watch. They create unique street cool looks through mixing the labels they wear.

Kanye West.

Kanye West has made his name on the fashion scene through his brand Yeezy. His refined streetwear brand now shows around the world and is a global success.

His major success came from his Adidas collaboration with the sneaker Yeezy Boost & let’s not forget about his other talents… Gold Digger! Yas!

Serena Williams.

The William sisters are sporting legends and one of the faces of Nike. 

They own the tennis scene. Through Nike and Serena’s partnership, they have challenged the traditions of tennis fashion, bringing at times risky and loud designs to the court and we love it!

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