Strategic Tasks.

  • Improving your current sales strategy reviewing CX, UX and proposing improvements.
  • Looking at new ways of working for your brand through the production process, design process and even through sales channels you use.
  • Defining the right global pricing strategy for your brand. Reviewing the pricing of each collection pre-sale.
  • Creating platform-specific strategies, we know what it takes to grow in wholesale, let us guide you.
  • We will seek new business for your brand. Let us take control of your global business development.

Sales Management Tasks.

  • Reviewing your current sales, proposing ways to increase sales and lower costs.
  • Managing all sales order processes from start to finish. Ensuring the best outcome from the brand, handling all communications.
  • Ensuring collection feedback is always received from the platform buyer and shared with the brand. Always looking for opportunities and ways to improve the next sales offer.
  • Pushing back on all wholesale orders received, trying to up-sell more.
  • Presenting new collection opportunities; reading the market, what’s trending and what’s selling.

"It’s hard to predict the exact services that will be required month by month, so we are happy to tailor-make the right package for you, just let us know the services you require."

– Carley.J

Platform Sales Analysis Tasks.

  • Negotiating all wholesale commercial deals and cost reductions for your brand. Using insider platform knowledge to persuade the best outcome.
  • Trading each wholesale account; in-season trade orders, seasonal repeats, reading weekly trade and actions for your brand.
  • Chasing outstanding payments.
  • Looking to sell off dead/old stock, helping to reduce your brand’s inventory.

Wholesale Critical Path Management Tasks.

  • To act as the sole point of communication between the brand and the platform. Covering off all order updates.
  • Ensuring the brand ships compliant goods to each global platform. Compliance covering; material testing, shipping methods, shipping materials, and country-specific rules.
  • We know how each platform works and we know each platform’s shipping manual inside out! We will help guide your warehouse and logistics team to shipping each wholesale order.
  • Wholesale is an extremely manual admin based business. We can help complete many of these tasks such as; individual product invoices, packing lists, portal bookings, AMD files (HTS, EANS), custom clearance forms, etc.

Benefits of using Unzipped Account Management.

* We will set-up, launch and grow your brand’s wholesale department.
* We have a deep understanding of the global market. Let us lead you into your next strategic step.
* Expert eCommerce advice covering; wholesale set-up, shipping requirements, platform requirements, compliance requirements, etc.
* We will be the main point of contact between your brand and the ecom platforms, taking the hassle away from you. Ensure your team remains focused on your main income stream. Let Unzipped take on all the tasks involved in running wholesale for your brand.
* We suggest new processes and ways of working by looking at market opportunities through product and pricing. We will invest our time in finding opportunities for you.

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