Don’t waste $10,000’s on failed brand launches.

Learn to find consumer trends and gather the evidence to validate your brand idea.

Every brand owner needs to take this 6-day brand validation challenge before they launch their new brand or new range.

Don’t invest another dollar in your new business or collection until you can back-up your gut feeling with quality data and research. Have you identified a niche market with growth potential where you have a competitive advantage?

If you haven’t you will struggle to grow. I do not want you to fail, that’s why I’ve created this free challenge for you.

Why should this matter to you?

  • Market validation gives you the justification for making small and big choices for your brand so it has the biggest chance of success.
  • Gain powerful insights to help the design process create highly engaging products for your audience.
  • Don’t waste money on failed advertising and marketing campaigns because you thought you knew your audience. Get to know them intimately.
  • Do you have frequent checks of your competitors’ pricing, ranges, and marketing campaigns? Knowing what to look for and when becomes a vital component of continued growth in your niche market.
6-day challenge

    How does the 6-day challenge work?

    You’ll receive instant & free access to the content of the challenge. This is your journey to validation:

    1. Sign up above
    2. Click the link in the email
    3. Start the challenge
    4. Complete the project work
    5. Validate your brand or range idea for the launch

    6-Day Challenge Host!

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    Carley Johnson

    “Over my 8+ years working specifically in fashion eCommerce, I have managed multi-million dollar accounts in both the UK and Australia. I have successfully launched 30+ fashion wholesale accounts, growing them from $0 to $millions in annual revenue accounts.

    I know how important it is to launch a fashion brand that has a point of difference, that knows their market, audience, and competition. It’s a busy market out there and you need to cut through the noise in your niche!

    Let research & data become your brand’s best-friends for success!”