6 Steps To Launch A Fashion Brand Online.

If you don’t learn how to launch your fashion brand online now, you’ll miss the digital boom of 2020!

Stop guessing and wasting your time!

Follow our proven 6-step process taking you from idea validation all the way through to online launch.

We will guide you every step of the way! 

Meet your course writer & hear her fashion journey!

I’ve been there & done it launching my own eCommerce business at the start of 2019. I personally know what it takes, along with my 8+ years fashion eCommerce expert. 

Well-known brands we have helped launch online and grown their online presence:


Choose to launch your eCommerce business now and tap into ...

Worldwide eCommerce sales that have topped USD$3.5 billion! That’s an increase of approximately 18% from the year before.

Ecommerce is expected to nearly double by 2023 to more than USD$6.5 billion.

Now really is the right time to launch an eCommerce business!

Have you always wanted to launch your own fashion brand but heard yourself saying ...

How can I launch a profitable fashion brand? I have a great idea but don’t know how to make money.

How do I source and manufacture my collection? How do I know which country and manufacturer to choose?

What is involved in setting up a business? I have no idea about how to register a trademark or what it takes to become a business and not a hobby?

Will I need funding? If so, how do I find a financial investor? How much money will I need to launch?

How do I build a brand? I have a great brand name, what else do I need to do?

Where can I find a good business plan template? & how do I fill it in?

We totally get it!

There are so many steps you need to complete to successfully launch a fashion brand online. But don’t worry we have condensed our 8+ years direct experience in fashion eCommerce, not to mention 15+ years in retail, into an easy to follow a 6-step process.

Learn how to launch your fashion brand online with Unzipped & we will be there every step of the way!

"Just imagine by this time next year you will be running your own fashion brand!" ...

Success stories!

Iysi Soriah.

I’m working on my collection and modest fashion blog whilst taking the course. Because of the course, I’ve learnt better ways to launch my brand!

I must confess Carly the course is very detailed and isn’t something that can be rushed and I love that! The course has made me realise there are a lot of areas I need to research on for my company to remain relevant.

It’s a wonderful course!


Jenny B.
Un-disclosed till launch.

The Unzipped Course was great. I loved the style of teaching, everything was very easy to learn, with really informative content and workbooks. The most useful lesson I learnt from the course was really homing in on what my niche was in the market and how to position that. From there I developed so many ideas to make my business stand out. I feel that I now have the confidence and tools to launch and grow my fashion brand online.

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So, who is this course for?

It is for fashion enthusiasts & fashion entrepreneurs who:

  • Have an idea or even a brand name but don’t know how to make it into a business and launch an online fashion brand.
  • Want to produce their first collection and learn how to plan an eCommerce collection, design your collection creating tech packs, all the way through to sourcing and finding a manufacturer to produce your first collection! 
  • Want to learn the business side of running a fashion brand. You will learn how to complete a business plan, how to forecast a sales budget and how to set up all business operations.
  • Want to build a brand and an online presence. You will learn what it takes to build a brand, covering personality, logo and website design. Taught by Ooze Studio you will learn effective marketing methods to build brand awareness.
  • Have an interest and knowledge about fashion. You don’t have to have a fashion degree or experience in the fashion industry to take this course. The course has been created as an easy to follow guide, covering a wide variety of topics, some that will require an intermediate level of learning. It is designed to take you on a journey from idea to launch & scale.
  • Want to get an actionable plan. From the start to finish of the course you will have a master workbook, complete with 50+ templates, checklists to support your learning and enable you to launch your fashion brand online.

"When it comes to launching a fashion brand, this course really does cover everything you need to know."

Carley.J, Founder of UNZIPPED

What’s included? What am I going to learn?

> Master workbook for containing 50+ templates and checklists, including a business plan template. Document your brand’s journey and build your strategy with key focuses as you learn, all documented in one place. Based on student feedback, a master workbook is something that they really value.

> Understand what it takes to run a profitable brand. In this course, we will teach you how to use your P&L template, how to build a budget as part of building a sales plan. We will also teach you industry lessons on how to manage your cash flow.

> Proven eCommerce growth methods. We will not only guide you every step of the way to launching your brand online, but we will also teach you how to grow your brand to a global audience and increase your sales and business size as soon as you launch. Throughout the course, we will teach you how to set up your brand to be a global brand giving you the ability to sell worldwide when you’re ready.

> 2 guest speakers! You will not only learn from a brand launch expert but you will also hear from marketing and social media campaign experts, who will share with you their proven methods in which you grow your brand’s awareness pre and post-launch.

> We use several different teaching methods to ensure every lesson is understood and digested by all. Either through video, guides, checklists, templates or quizzes, we’ve got you covered! &  don’t forget we have a 24:7 ask us anything helpline too.

> 12+ hours of video lessons. An unbelievable amount of content for the course price!

Short & sweet, here’s the 6-step process:

Step 1 = Find your niche in the market and validate it.

Step 2 = Plan your collection.

Step 3 = Design, make & ship your collection.

Step 4 = Manage your business.

Step 5 = Build and launch your brand.

Step 6 = Grow your brand to a global audience.

Did you know?

The aim of this 6-step process is for you to complete each step and the project work, before moving onto the next.  Each step is a progressive journey, that will take you from idea to finished plan to a produced collection, through to a digital presence and then launch and growth.

This course will prompt you on what you need to do and when. So that by the end of step 6 you will be ready to launch your fashion brand online.

How good is that!

Top 3 reasons why you should launch your fashion brand online now!

Reason 1.

Ecommerce is the fastest-growing sales method worldwide vs owning a retail store. Launch your fashion brand now, before the market is saturated and get noticed by a global audience. This really is a huge opportunity you don’t want to turn down!

Reason 2.

Why earn money for someone else? Be your own boss, own your own fashion label and get recognised for your talents.

Reason 3.

Haven’t you always dreamt of global recognition? Imagine your brand’s name selling in London, NYC, Paris, Melbourne. It is possible through global eCommerce! Unzipped can connect you to the world through this course & our contacts.


Meet Brand Launch Expert Carley Johnson.

Hi, it’s Carley here! I am so excited to take you on a launch journey! This course has been jammed packed with lessons I have learnt over an 8+ year career in fashion eCommerce, not to mention 15 years in retail! I have learnt the mistakes so you don’t have too.

I am an expert at launching fashion brands into global eCommerce. Why? Because I have a proven background in sales strategy, and I love finding growth methods for brands.

I hate seeing brands struggle and a common phrase I hear is “I wish I reached out sooner!” So don’t make the same mistake and let me help you today!

Career achievements:

  • I have worked in NYC, London and Melbourne for well-known fashion brands. 
  • I have grown accounts from launch to maturity, surpassing sales expectations into $M+ revenue.
  • I am connected to over 30+ global fashion wholesale eCommerce platforms.
  • I built my own fashion business from scratch in 2019 so I know what it takes to build a business.

As featured in:

Featured in

Here are the 6 steps to launch a fashion brand online in detail.

* Each step is broken into easy to follow topics.

* Each topic is broken down into bitesize lessons.

* There are 30 micro-topics in total with over 100+ lessons.

Step 1 - Find your niche in the market and validate it.

This step is all about ensuring that you have a unique product, to ensure that your product has the best possible opportunity to sell and succeed upon launch. To do this, I will teach you how to read the market, and seek opportunities as well as learn about your target consumer and their personality traits. The goal of this step is to validate your idea.

Topic 1 = Identify your market. Let’s find your starting point.
Topic 2 = What are your competitors doing?
Topic 3 = Who is your target audience?
Topic 4 = What is the best channel for you?
Topic 5 = How to price your product competitively.
Topic 6 = How to validate your idea.
Topic 7 = Add research findings to your business plan.


Step 2 - Plan your collection.

This step is about planning your range before investing a cent in designing and source. I will teach you all of the considerations you must consider in building a successful eCommerce range. We will cover categories, body size and how to build a range plan. You will learn what a global buying calendar is and how this influences your collection. The goal of this step is to complete a range launch strategy, covering your range plan and all critical dates you need to follow for an on-time launch.

Topic 1 = Market considerations that will influence your range.
Topic 2 = How to range plan.
Topic 3 = Set a launch plan and create a critical path.
Topic 4 = Add planning conclusions to your business plan.

Step 3 - Design, make and ship your collection.

This step will teach you how to realise your plan and produce a collection. You will learn how to design, source, cost, make, package and ship your collection! Most importantly how to produce a collection that you can afford; how to cost and negotiate are critical lessons for all fashion brands. The goal of this step is you will have the tools and recommendations to produce your collection.

Topic 1 = Start designing your collection.
Topic 2 = Sourcing guidance.
Topic 3 = Find a manufacturer & learn how to cost.
Topic 4 = Sampling and the fit process.
Topic 5 = Packaging guidance.
Topic 6 = How to ship your collection.
Topic 7 = Add costs to your business plan.

Step 4 - Manage your business.

This step will teach you how to run a small business. You will learn business 101 including; registering a trademark and how to find business insurance. You will also learn how to forecast a sales plan and how to manage a profitable business. The goal of this step is to complete the business plan for your brand.

Topic 1 = How to create a budget.
Topic 2 = Cash flow management.
Topic 3 = Financing options for fashion brands.
Topic 4 = Finalising your business.
Topic 5 = Essential business operational tools to set up and manage your business.

Step 5 - Build and launch your brand.

This step will teach you what it takes to build a brand and realise your vision. You will learn how to create a brand from logo to website design. Once you have built a brand you will then learn several marketing methods in which to build your online presence. The goal of this step is becoming a brand and launching your product online.

Topic 1 = Bringing your brand to life!
Topic 2 = Build an online presence (website).
Topic 3 = Pre-launch Marketing Strategy
Topic 4 = Place your order.
Topic 5 = Soft launch your brand and learn how to trade it.
Topic 6 = Revert back to your business plan adding your marketing plan.


Step 6 - Grow your brand to a global audience.

This step will teach you how to scale your brand, covering several diverse growth methods. Grow can be; greater awareness, new product categories, new sales channels, an improved sales strategy, the list is endless and you will get to learn them all! The goal of this step is to give you the tools and focus to look beyond launch and to ambitiously grow your business from day 1.

Topic 1 = Growth methods to increase sales and brand awareness.
Topic 2 = Listen to data & demand and you will grow.
Topic 3 = Improve and refine your customer service (CS).
Topic 4 = Grow your brand by growing your team and network.

If you join today you’ll also receive instant access to these 3 bonuses:

BONUS #1 – 30-minute discovery call with the course writer and expert, so you can ask her anything ahead of starting the course! Who doesn’t love free advise! (Value $130)

BONUS #2– 3 months free access to Unzipped closed Facebook group. This group delivers so much value; you will not only be able to use it as a forum but also weekly there are valuable lessons shared by fashion experts! (Annual value $200)

BONUS #3 – PLUS! 3hrs 1 on 1 coaching session to use upon completion of the course! Talk to the experts about any topic of choice, whether it’s about sales strategy, how to improve your CX, it’s completely up to you! (Value $780)

Not forgetting;

+ Your winning business plan template & step-by-step guide!

+ The 50+ fashion templates within your master workbook! (Total value $1,500)

That’s a total added value of $2,610

Did you know we have a 30-day money-back guarantee too?

Our 30-day guarantee gives you time to try out the course, risk-free.

We are one of the few online fashion course providers that offer a guarantee.

Do you know why? We are so confident that you will get the results after completing the entire course & project work, that by the end of completion if you’re not happy with the results and still don’t know how to launch a fashion brand online, we will give you a full refund.

Gain full details in our course T&C’s section under ‘guarantee’.

Join us & launch your fashion brand just like Beccy & Danni have!

Beccy Catherine.
Un-disclosed till launch.

I have fully completed your course, quite quickly actually, I think that’s because I spent a lot of time Indoors more than usual due to lockdown

I’m actually launching my own brand soon, so your course will definitely help!

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Danni M.
Toni Bianco.

Unzipped Fashion Courses taught me everything I needed to grow my fashion brand, which has launched and is selling successfully. I’ve also been able to apply my new skills to my position at Tony Bianco. Highly recommend the courses.

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Course Fee.


Buy now for only AU$498 before it goes back to full price AU$1,498 and learn how to launch your brand!

Real-life return on investment (ROI)

Per hour the cost of using Unzipped’s extensive course! A small investment for over 70+ hours of learning materials! 

The *immediate* return on investment (ROI) you’ll receive from gaining access to this course and its materials.

Tap into a market with consumers spending US$3.5 billion a year!

What you’ll get when you sign up to 6-steps course:

6 step by step training modules to take you from idea to launch. All fully downloadable!

100+ in-depth video lessons. A total of 12+ hours of priceless content! 

Learn how to market your fashion brand with growth expert Jesse Mullins founder of Ooze Studios, and serial entrepreneur.

1 master workbook, with over 50+ fashion templates and checklists. Including your business plan template.

Instant access to the members-only Facebook group.

3hrs free 1 on 1 coaching with an Unzipped expert. Think of us as your mentor we’re there to support your brand’s launch.

30-day money-back guarantee.

Unzipped 24:7 customer service.

Do you want to spend another few months (years!) trying to 'figure it out' or do you want the guidance to be able to launch your fashion brand online asap?

Got any questions? Here are our FAQs.

Yes. This course works for both people with or without an idea. This course will teach you how to find gaps in the market, therefore presenting ideas to you, but also validate your idea if you already had one. This course is designed to teach 6 individual steps, packed full of real-life lessons on how to launch your fashion brand online, only when you are ready. Each student can be at a different part of their brands’ journey, either way, the same teachings apply to all.

Yes. Step 1 specifically will teach you how to do that. Step 1 purpose is to teach you how to research, take data from the market and your consumers to then validate your idea. Across the complete course, the aim is to validate your idea, by taking you on a step by step journey until you have built your business plan. This happens at the end of step 4.

No. It is not a requirement for this course. I would encourage that each student, has the knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry, either through their current job, work experience or previous study. This will only help you along the way! If you have zero knowledge about fashion, but a good idea I would encourage you to take this course and use Unzipped Consultant services along the journey to cement your learning.

This course won’t teach you how to draw or how to pattern cut. However, I would say if you are taking this course, you are showing signs of being an entrepreneur as you either have an idea or the drive to set up your own business, therefore you are already a creative! It is now a case of taking your creative idea and applying it to the business principles involved in launching your fashion brand online. You will learn how to range plan, how to cost your range and how to produce it using our lessons and templates. Check step 3 lessons for further breakdown.

Yes. It is designed to take you on a journey, a journey of every step you need to take to launch a fashion brand online. Each step will then require a lot of work and further research on your part, therefore together with our step by step course and your drive by the end of this course Yes you will be able to launch a fashion brand online.

I would say that this course isn’t a simple step by step guide, each step requires you to think, and we will really challenge you to consider your strategy, to ensure you build a successful brand and business.

If that sounds intense don’t worry! We have over 50+ workbooks, including the essential pre-launch checklist! The course is built to guide you every step of the way, you’re not alone. 🙂

No. This is not the main aim of this course, the focus is on building an eCommerce business. However what you learn in step 1-4; idea validation, planning, designing, making and finalising your business plan and collection are still applicable to launching a fashion brand both eCommerce and store. What the course will not teach you is how to plan to SQ/FT of a store, but how to plan to an eCommerce market.

Yes. In step 4 specifically, but also step 3 when you learn how to cost your collection and calculate your collection margin. This course will give you tips and methods on how to manage your cash flow, ensuring you manage your expenses through to launch. Also, step 4 focuses on finalising your business plan and teaching you how to gain financial investment if applicable to you.
By the end of the course, you will have a sales plan and the methods and tools in which to apply with the end goal of being a profitable fashion brand. It is in your control to make this happen!

As your teacher, I will share with you the industry lessons that I have learnt built up of over 8+ years of fashion eCommerce experience and 20 years of retail experience. The lessons I will share have been learnt from both failure and successes, but that makes me a rounded teacher for you. I have worked with numerous fashion brands over the last decade, with the main aim being to launch their fashion brand online. If I have successfully done this for others, I can teach you how to do it for yourself. Global fashion eCommerce is my passion, and I can’t wait to help you launch your fashion brand online!

Yes. Through completing step 1-4 you will have a final formal business plan at the end, using the Unzipped business plan template. This will then give you the ability to approach investors (if applicable) but also you can use this business plan to inform new team members about your strategises. It is essential for all new businesses to have clear focuses and goals, that is why we focus on teaching you 60+ lessons over step 1-4, in which to build the best business plan.

The final step of the business plan is to build a sales plan. Step 4 is all about managing your business, of which we cover finance, business set-up for example trademarks etc. We love the business side of running a fashion brand, so don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Yes. Step 2 will teach you about the meaning of sustainability in the fashion world, but more specifically about what you need to do as a fashion brand to sustainably launch online. It is a fast-evolving topic, so we recommend that if you’re passionate about it, sign up to newsletters and follow relevant brands now. (don’t worry we cover it all in detail in this course)

Of course! Unzipped guarantee covers students that after 30-days and only when they have 100% completed the course when they are not satisfied with the course and are still clueless about how to launch a fashion brand online, upon hearing your reasoning and agreeing to it, we will only then give you a refund.

We really do ask all students that you truly give this course a go, and apply all methodologies to your idea. The course requires input on your part to apply the learnings to building your own business. We are here to support you every step of the way, that’s why we have also included 3hrs free consultation, to help you once you’ve completed the course.

As soon as you enrol and pay you will gain immediate access to the whole course, all content and extras, including access to the Facebook group.

As soon as your payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to access the course and you can follow this link whenever you are ready to.

No. You can start and finish the course whenever you like. There is no pressure from us, you are in control of managing your time and commitments. Either way, you will have lifetime access to the course.

How do I book my consulting sessions upon completion of the course?
Upon completion of the course email hello@carleyjohnson.co with the email title: Course completed ~insert your full name~. In the body of the email, please state when you completed the course and feedback. As soon as we receive this email you will be sent a virtual calendar for you to select your 3x 1hr each consultancy appointment.

Cancellation and variation policy found here.

Yes, we believe so. Now more than ever eCommerce is booming, and there is less and less resistance to those wanting to shop online. Now would be a good time to launch an online business and tap into the growth. Here are some statistics to help:

  • Ecommerce is booming +15% year on year. (Statista)
  • Amazon just hired an extra 100,00 workers in a matter of weeks.
  • Shopify recently reported that their platform is now handling black Friday levels of traffic daily.

Yes! That is the beauty of online, you can be anywhere in the world for this course and your business to work. As long as you understand English and have a good internet connection!

Unzipped online course T&C’s found here.

If your question wasn't answered in the FAQ? Ask me anything ...

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