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09 Nov: Financial planning for fashion startups explained. An interview with Justin Gauci.

This weeks interview was with Justin Gauci, founder and lead consultant of Blue Horizon Consultancy. A consultancy that is focused on business analysis for a wide range of industries. Justin discusses financial planning for fashion startups; by the end of this interview, we promise that you will feel at ease with this task!

Justin has worked in finance for 10+ years and most recently launched his own digital business. He will call on all of these experiences in this interview.

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22 Oct: 12 newsletters fashion brands should be sending.

Most fashion brands customer journey starts with purchase. So what’s next? How should you be keeping that customer engaged and in love with your brand?

We believe emails are as precious as diamonds! You should keep them stored somewhere safe and look after them for life! Never forget your customer journey is yours to shape, read on to learn what are the 12 newsletters fashion brands should be sending.


14 Oct: Negotiation tips for fashion brands.

I strongly believe that a good negotiator is someone who applies solid negotiation skills to a wealth of product knowledge.

In this blog post, I will call on lessons from Chris Voss a lead negotiator for the FBI, as well as, my 8+ years direct experience negotiating new wholesale & marketplace accounts for New Look and Forever New.