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11 May: How to grow your fashion brand’s online trade following the crisis.

There are 2 key ways in which to grow your trade following COVID-19.
1. Innovation: both product and service.
2. Acting on data and demand.

Data changes daily and demand is driven by what restrictions are imposed to deal with Covid 19, therefore you need to become an adaptable brand reacting to this data. Being adaptable will enable success. By following my fashion consultant’s tips and advice you can protect your brand during the crisis.

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07 Jan: Top 5 fashion consultant tips for fashion brands.

You need to know these top 5 tips in which to grow your brand in today’s challenging climate.

I have built my consultancy up of nearly 20 years of retail experience and 10 years of fashion eCommerce experience, helping numerous brands grow globally. Making these tips really valuable to you. They are tried and tested methods, ready for you to adopt.